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Mature content
Reborn (Chapter 5) :iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Reborn (Chapter 4)
It was a early morning clear skies and perfect weather, Cosmo was with the rest of the new freedom fighters Sally formed. It was Cosmo, Sally, Tails, Amy, a slightly older Cream, Bunnie when she listened, Nicole. All the others who were kicked off her left made a group called the Survivors. They were all sitting together peacefully discussing what to do about the survivors until a huge explosion shook the building they quickly ran outside with their weapons drawn expecting to find the Survivors attacking them again but no, this time they found a crater and inside of it was Sj. Cosmo stood back with a hand over her mouth while the others still full of shock did not move. Sj stood up from the crater looking at everyone, his eyes barley open.
Sj: H-hey guys, it's been a while. Are you guys gonna try to kill me again?
Cosmo: Sj!
She ran down the crater lunging forward and hugging him tight crying into his shoulder, it wasn't long before Tails followed and soon everyone else except Bunnie t
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Reborn (Chapter 3)
Cosmo awoke, she was no longer sitting bed she was in nothing but a black void she screamed and yet nothing came out. She saw the mysterious figure walk up to her for some reason her brain acquainted the figure with safety and she ran over to it and hugged it.
Cosmo: I-im scared, help me.
She was crying but the figure just looked down and smiled
?: No, your going to help me!
He let out a cackle as Cosmo stumbled back before the figure pierced his hand through her chest as the void caught on fire, she saw her friends and Sj and her family, dying in the fire.
She couldn't scream and the figure shoved her off into the fire but not before whispering "four days Cosmo."
Cosmo awoke in a cold sweat at 3 in the morning she looked around frantically and only saw Amy still asleep. She let out a sigh of relief and got out of the couch bed then she walked outside. The cold air hit her face and she sighed looking up at the moon and stars.
Cosmo: Hey Sj, sorry I haven't spoken to you in a while. Wha
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Cosmo walked Inside the house while holding Tails hand, the meeting everyone was having stopped dead silent as everyone looked at her. They didn't know if it was her or Sj but whatever they thought it got Shadow mad.
Shadow: Tails what is this!
Tails: It's Cosmo shadow, she's alive again I don't know how but I think Sj had something to do with it.
The room got so silent you could hear a pin drop as Shadow and now Sonic were shaking with anger.
Cream ran up to Cosmo and hugged her tight.
Cream: Your back Ms.cosmo we all thought you were d-dead but now your back with fur and everything! Your so much softer to hug and we can be friends again!
Cosmo: I would love that Cream!
Shadow stomped over in his anger and shoved Cream aside he grabbed her neck. He started to squeeze hard.
Shadow:  I don't know how you manged to fool Tails and everyone else but I know you are Sj and not Cosmo.
She was practically choking.
Shadow: Look me in the eyes.
He stared deep into where Sj's dark eye would
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 2 1
Reborn (Chapter 2)
Cosmo had been back for a few weeks now she had been learning about Sj and spending her time with Tails, they weren't officially dating yet but she felt that way about him. She spent a good portion of her free time alone to, she thought everyone was to angry with each other and she needed to think, she didn't understand why no one thought she was a freak or monster since she looked like Sj but no one would answer her. The thought was constantly bugging her, she even had dreams about it. She woke up from a dream when a vase shattered downstairs she quickly sprinted down there to see Sonic and Tails having another fight it seemed like this would be the last one.
Sonic: Tails calm down buddy, what did I ever do to you?
He was holding his chest where the vase hit him.
Tails: Not what you did to me, but what you did to Sj! You hurt him and stole him from me.
Sonic: You barley knew him, he was a monster anyway!
Tails: A monster?! He brought Cosmo back he never hurt anyone
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 2 1
Rebirth (Epliouge)
The funeral happened about 3 days after Sj passed away. The funeral is what some would consider sweet but Tails broke down crying half way through and couldn't say anything. Rouge stifled her tears but she was still very heartbroken over her little brothers death. Fiona didn't even make it in a second before she started to sob her eyes out she was so choked up she couldn't talk. Marine and Blaze held each other tight and tried not cry, because it's what Sj would've wanted for them to be happy, so from then on everyone tried to be for the rest of the funeral for Sj's sake.
A few weeks passed by and Tails was still staying in Blazes dimension so he could be near him, he walked up to his grave and noticed the plant who Sj called her had its she'll opening.
Tails: W-what the heck!
When it opened out stepped a familiar girl, Tails would've recognized her immediately except instead of being a full plant, she had fur the color of Sjs.
???: Tails w-where am I?
Tails: Your in my friend Blazes d
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Rebirth (Chapter 11)
It has been about a week since Sj's new family basically formed, Rouge had stayed over every day because she wanted to get to know Sj more, Marine begrudgingly let her and actually started to warm up to not only Rouge but also Fiona. Fiona on the other hand had been doing her best to act like a good guy again, she felt the warmth and love that came from it and had been hoping everyone was nothing but Scrouge did, and he was getting mad about it.
It was early morning on a Friday as Scrouge and Fiona were fighting, it woke up Sj who hid behind a corner.
Scrouge: Fiona what the heck is wrong with you?!
Fiona: I have no idea what you mean.
Scrouge: Your acting like the kid I found when I first met you, what's wrong with you.
Fiona: I don't know Scrouge, maybe I don't like being cold and having no friends who look out for me.
Scrouge: We have a kingdom and a gang what do you mean?!
Fiona: Your kingdom is a bunch of bs and the gang is a bunch of backstabbing idiots, I'd trade any of them and
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Rebirth (Chapter 9)
Sj woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs, he floated downstairs happily and sat in a  chair starting to eat the plate set out for him.
Marine: Well your welcome.
Sj with his mouth full let out a garbled thank you, Marine stifled a giggle.
Marine: You should have more respect for your captain Sj!
Sj: Aye aye captain.
Marine: Did you just quote a TV show?!
Sj: Maybe.
She face palmed and let out a loud exaggerated sigh, she sat down in the chair eating breakfast for a little before she took their dishes and started to clean them.
Marine: Sj I want you to go upstairs and shower, you not only reek but we are going out on a adventure soon.
Sj: Adventure?!
Marine: Adventure.
Sj squealed and ran upside into the shower and came out 15 minutes later in new clothes that Marine set out for him.
After a long 4 mile walk and Marine whining at her own trip before getting to a beach and in front of them was a raft with a small pirate flag on it.
Sj: M-marine, what's this?
Marine: It's my ship, t
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 2 1
Rebirth (Chapter 8)
Sj has been relearning how to speak from Blaze, he has been struggling with his mind and with how he looks, Blaze has gotten very worried about him and is about to confront him with it.
Blaze: Sj I need to talk to you?
Sj: A-am I getting f-fired?
Blaze: Of course not Sj, your one of my friends and nicest person I know. I would never fire you, I came to talk about how you feel.
Sj: w-why? I feel great!
He gave her a broken smile and she sighed sadly
Blaze: Okay Sj, listen today I want you just to work in the garden I'm sick of seeing you get so hurt.
Sj: N-no, I'm strong I can h-handle it!
Blaze: Are you sure Sj? Today's job is going to be very tough and I really don't want you to end up in the hospital.
Sj: I w-wont!
He was wrong, so wrong in fact because he ended up in the hospital, he was beaten to a pulp by Angry protesters, because of this Blaze was talking to a raccoon so she could do something to benefit Sj.
Blaze: So you think he could stay with you a little?
??: Of course Blaze
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Rebirth (Chapter 7)
Sj sat up at 8 am and got a shower, spending a good hour in it before walking out and changing into a pair of clothes Blaze had sat down near his bed, Sj put them on and smiled at there comfy fabric before walking out to the kitchen.
Blaze: Ah good morning Sj, I hope you slept well!
Sj nodded at her happily
Blaze: That's good, l want you to go out back and start working on the garden, after a long while I'll come and get you and we can go out so I can do my daily visits, good luck!
Sj nodded and walked outside into the garden and he saw it was baren, so he grabbed a shovel and made holes through the entire garden, next he grabbed a bunch of seeds for plants and fruits and he planted them.  He nodded happily at all of his progress, he started to water the plants then he fertilized them and took notice of a huge green house. Sj decided to get the plant of Cosmo and plant it in the green houses main pot, he made sure it was nice and secure before walking out of the green house then h
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Rebirth (Chapter 5)
It's been 6 months Tails kept finding ways to delay Sj's execution, each time he did he got closer and closer to running out of excuses now the execution is today and Sj is sitting in the dungeon he sadly has forgotten how to talk.
He has been consumed with his broken mind for so long he forgot, so when Sally comes to get him she does feel even worse.
Sally: Sj come on, it's time.
He nodded and got up following her wearing his usual rags but before he walked out he pointed at the place where he usually got his food from, then his stomach.
Sally: No, I'm sorry your not getting a meal today
She got him out the door and started walking him down a huge hallway into a court yard with a stage and a rope.
He looked confused he didn't even know he was being executed so when he saw the crowd of at the lowest 2,000 people he waved at them before getting assaulted with a mountain of insults and boos.
Sally: No Sj, don't do that.
She got him onto the stage and in front of the rope.
Sonic, Shadow,
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Rebirth (Chapter 4)
Sj is awoken in the hospital by arguing and he feels something cold slapped onto his wrist, his eyes finally adjust to the light and he sees a squirrel arguing with Vanilla.
Vanilla: Sally I will not allow you take Sj, he is a innocent child who has done nothing wrong!
Sally: Vanilla I know that but Sonic and Shadow, plus Bunnie and a entire time say he's a monster who attacked them or stalked their friends!
Vanilla knowing her place and that she was out of ammo backed down and walked over to Tails who was crying in the corner, Sj unable to go help Tails was yanked up by Sally and she tightened his cuffs shuffling him out the room and to a prison van.
Sally: By order of the king you are under arrest until we can prove your innocence.
She threw him into the Van and drove towards the castle, during the ride Sj cried, he cried like never before he was so scared and tir
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Rebirth (Chapter 3)
Sj woke up to a cold sweat by Vanilla calling his name, he groggily walked downstairs an sat down in the kitchen, not noticing Cream's terrified expression.
Cream: Mommy there's a monster in the kitchen!
She whispered this to Vanilla and Vanilla got angry at her but let it go.
Vanilla: Sj is no monster he's special sweetie!
Cream looked very skeptical at Sj but agreed with Vanilla until she and Vanilla actually her heard him talking to himself.
Sj: Cream the rabbit age 4-6, cheese the chao is your best friend, your also friends with Amy, Tails, Blaze, and the dead plant girl.
Cream started to tear up at his comment about Cosmo but before she could even think about it Sj continued to talk.
Sj: Vanilla the rabbit, single mother, daughter Cream the rabbit, early 30s.
Vanilla also got shocked from what he said but Sj then snapped out of it, so Vanilla just ignored the comment although she was very shocked at what he said, so she sat his breakfast down on the table and watched him devour it
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 0
Rebirth (Chapter 2)
Amy awoke around 9 am, she walked downstairs in her robe and pajamas and she saw Sj was gone and her kitchen looked rummaged through.
Sj came out from the bathroom yawning
Sj: Who stole what now?
Amy: Y-your still here. Why did you destroy my kitchen!?
Sj: Oh I made pancakes for you!
He ran into the kitchen happily and came back holding a plate of them for her with a smile on his face.
Sj: It's to thank you for letting me stay here..sorry it's a mess I was gonna clean it up! I promise!
Amy: So you didn't steal anything..?
She sounded a little shocked, she expected him to have stolen and left her.
Sj: Of course not, I'm not a theif! Never have been never will be.
He walked back into the kitchen setting the pancakes down onto the table cleaning up his mess.
After breakfast Amy was getting dressed and ready for her day as Sj was standing outside her house waiting for her patiently as shadow walked by. He stood and stared at Sj before forming a chaos
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Mature content
Rebirth (Chapter 1) :iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1
Rebirth (Prologue)
Here I the end of my ropes, no friends or family just me. The machines almost done I just..if I left everyone would they care, would they notice it! Ah..who am I kidding I'm just talking to myself here. No one knows I exist, no one will ever know...*He let out a long deep sigh* Okay let's do this first I just need to set the settings *the teen hit a few buttons on the machine* No longer virtual reality no longer being alone when I get in here my body and soul will be there, somewhere, anywhere besides this forgotten place! Then just maybe...just maybe I can be free, free from a life I don't wanna live. I don't even know my parents...I robbed a bank just to get here *He slammed his head against the wall* gah! Don't do that me, ok, thank you me...and this is why I ended up in that asylum..hmpf but enough of talking to myself and mentioning the past because once I get in this once my body, soul, brain is moved into a new world I'll get the body that belongs best for me I'll be free
:iconsj-the-fox-bat:Sj-the-fox-bat 1 1


Gift: Candicindy
This is a gift for CandiCindy.

My OC, Cherry Chaotix accidentally traveled to a dimension where Cream had only 2 kids instead of 3. She came across a young fox name, Skye (CandiCindy's Skye) and saw that he was being bullied by a boy cat and decided to stop the boy before he hurt Skye.

If there is one thing Cherry can't stand, is a bully. In her dimension, her niece, Berry Prower (My fan kid), was always picked on because she was different. So, Cherry makes sure bullies pay for picking on her niece.

Skye and bully cat belong to CandiCindy

Cherry and Berry belong to me

Cream belongs to Sega
Hey, guys. Starting tomorrow, I'll be out on a family trip till and won't be back till Monday. I hope everyone will have a great Easter.
Hello, everyone.

I'm helping my good friend, Sj-the-fox-bat out. He's been making a pretty good series called, "Rebirth". Y'all should really read this series. It's really great!

So, I need some help from y'all to spread this story out. Please and thank you.
I miss you, Shredder
"Even though it's been  a year, I still miss you, Shredder the hedgehog."
Made with DeviantArt muro
Chocolate Theif!
Cherry: Vick! Who stole my chocolate bar?
Vick: *muffle* Not me, Cherry!
Cherry: Then why are you eating one right now?
Vick: *muffle* No I'm not.
Cherry: Dude! Your eating it right in front of me!
Vick (sweat drops): *thinking* I'm in trouble!

Happy Early Easter, y'all!
Hey, guys. Starting tomorrow, I'll be out on a family trip till and won't be back till Monday. I hope everyone will have a great Easter.


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